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The design of this website is part of our eco-socio-responsibility approach. 
Here are some recommendations that we have applied to make it more responsible on social and environmental criteria. 

​ For equal accessibility for all: 

  • The graphic charter is refined and contrasting. 

  • Black and white is perceptible by the visually impaired and color blind. 

  • Photos are transcribed for people with a screen reader.

  • The menu is simple and concise.

  • The site is responsive (it adapts to various screens).  

​ For moderate power consumption: 

  • Choosing a dark color.

  • Few photos, zero video.

  • Photos were rasterized to bitmap and adjusted for weight reduction. 

  • Our offices and therefore our design computers are powered by a green energy supplier.

The next steps:

  • A web host powering its servers with renewable energy and enabling responsible performance improvements. 

  • Access to a printable version (in the meantime you can request it by email).

You can test the environmental impact of this site


  Of course, our website can be perfected and we are open to improving it.

For any comments, do not hesitate to send us an email at  

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A BETTER PROD est membre du collectif 1% for the Planet et à ce titre reverse 1% de son chiffre d’affaires à des associations environnementales.

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A BETTER PROD est adhérent et membre actif Ecoprod

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